Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Best Vacation in the World

If I could pick my dream vacation, it would not be laying on a beach somewhere, or visiting historical sites in Europe. I would want to something that I love, and that would be snowboarding. For my birthday, Mark and I got to spend four days and three nights at a resort in Park City. It was a blast. Okay, I guess if it is was really my dream vacation, I would go somewhere like Chili or even Canada---somewhere that is more than 45 minutes away. It was great though. We did miss the snow by one week. But it was snowing while we were there so we had plenty of powder, just not plenty of mountain. Because of this, we got creative and worked on our "craft". The ski in/ski out accommodations were fantastic. It's was so nice to walk to our room after a long day of boarding and sit in a jacuzzi, watch a movie, and do whatever we wanted. I'd love to do a group trip sometime with friends or family. Maybe next year :)

We used a disposable camera and the pictures didn't turn out very good.

A Self-Portrait (after almost 7 years we are getting pretty good at these)

If you look really hard you can see me. It is kind-of like an I-spy.

Mark in the trees. I love the trees.