Sunday, September 28, 2008

Abigail's Birthday

Abigail turned 1 today. I can not believe it!!! She is such a sweet girl. Mark and I are so sad to see her grow up because we love the adorable baby she is, but I am getting excited to hear her talk. I love this stage. I don't have to question my parenting all the time. I didn't have a lot planned for her birthday - just the eating of the cupcake, and presents, but Emma was so disappointed by this. She kept saying, "why are there no streamers up, where are the balloons, when is everyone going to get here etc." So, this afternoon, we make a banner for Abigail, hung streamers, blew up balloons, and invited Abigail's good friend Canyon over for the "party". (Canyon is Dan and Heather's baby, and if a good friend is someone who will let you rip their hair out, then Canyon and Abigail are BFFs.)

Abigail dove right into her cupcake. I love this ritual. This is the first dessert my 1-year olds ever have. I love to see how they react. Yes, she tore it apart, chowed down, and laughed. Similar to me eating dessert.

We had the hardest time getting her interested in her presents. She just didn't care. Finally we opened her present from Nana and Grandpa, which was books. She looked at those for a little while, and we had to take them away to get to her to notice her next present. We got her a super super soft blanket. It was from us and Grandma and Grandpa Ward. She LOVED it. She is so funny with soft things. She rolls around on them, and wiggles her bum. She played with her blanket for a good 1/2 hour. It was so cute.

So, Abigail is 1. Her first year of life was very blessed. No huge accidents or sicknesses. Mark has never interacted with our babies as much as Abigail. Those two are buddies. She is happy most of the time and very independent. She entertains herself so well, which makes for some mischief. Like playing in the toilet, or pulling all the things down she can reach in the pantry, or getting into cupboards and breaking things. It is fun to watch her explore though. I am looking forward seeing her personality continue to grow. I love her so much!!



Oh my gosh, Sara!!! She is so CUTE!!! I just wanna squeeze her!! She has such a light in her eyes.
And I couldn't help but laugh at all the mischief she gets into to. We have the same problem here!! haha
Can't wait to see her and the others in a couple of weeks!

Angee :)


What a cute blanket you found for her! My girls were in the room while I was looking at your blog and I told them that it was Abigails birthday yesterday and it took me like 5 minutes to convince them that she didn't have a party. Tayleigh: "But I wanted to go to her birthday!" Seriously, 5 minutes. They can't possibly imagine a birthday without a party!

Heather Stevenson

OH! You must be my BFF too! I can't imagine how much hair I've made you lose.
Abigail, I've got blankt-envy!!

The Pett Shop

You are lucky that blanket is so darn cute! Allison became attached to a blanket at that age and still can't sleep without it. It is nowhere near as cute to see her wrapped up in it compared to Abigails!


Kristy sent me her blog address and I was excited to see a link to yours too. (Hope you don't mind that I still use the username that was originally your creation. I always give you the credit.)

I can't believe your baby is 1! And that your oldest baby is in Kindergarten. Time flies. Your kids are all adorable, and you look as beautiful as ever. Hope you don't mind if I add you to the list and check in, you're welcome to visit me too. (Until Tommorow is the one to view)

Heather H

She is just so adorable!